January 9, 2010

Desiring God

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A Global Bible Study? Does this make sense? What’s the point of working together on this year long Bible Study and why have contributors from around the world?  For me the answer was simple –

A Desire for God

a hunger to know Him better and to share the journey with others.

Each of the contributors I’ve asked brings to the study a different perspective based on their location, culture, life experiences and mission. The people that I have contacted thus far have a real heart for God and want to share their story with others. It seemed to me to be a natural fit.

It is my hope that the contributors will share the new study idea with others, pray for one another and keep each other accountable throughout the year to stay in the Scriptures.

Someone once told me that John Wesley read through the Bible four times each year for most of his life. As people who are called by God, surely we can make time to do it once a year. So let’s get started. Invite your friends and family to join the discussion for a Global Bible Study Adventure.



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