January 21, 2010

Exodus 10-12

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One week ago a great catastrophe happened in the world, a great earthquake in Haiti,  in which caused many casualties. As a result, a lot of people worried and astonished about this very sad moment.

During the 20th century, many catastrophes occurred in the world, so that let us think about and seeking understand what are the God’s proposes in our life. Every day I keep my faith in God, and when something bad has happened with me or another, I just pray and ask God doesn’t hardened my heart, such as He did with Pharaoh.

However, catastrophes stem from in a comparing with the plagues that God puts on in Egypt in order to free Moses and his people. Unlike this comprehension, I believe in a deep mercy of God for his people, because God always care his children. Nevertheless, when many things occurred in the world which escape from our comprehension we must obey and trust in the Lord, always looking for help each other.

Wellington Maylon da Cruz


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  1. Steve Gedon said,

    There is no other time when we are challenged to think about the Sovereignty of God. the tragedy that occurred in Haiti makes us question whether our plans, power, prosperity, and prestige is enough to survive in this world. Pharaoh was unwilling, or unable, to allow God, Yahweh, to be sovereign in his life. When Scripture says that his heart was hardened, it is VERY important to understand what this mean. It does not mean that God overroad his free will and made him reject God. Instead, it means that each choice Pharaoh made took him down a path farther and farther from God.

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