January 28, 2010

1-27-2010 Exodus 28-29 Consecrated by My Glory

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“This is what you are to do to consecrate them, so they may serve me as priests:”

When I met my first friends from Texas, I was introduced to a charming people with a unique turn of phrase: “fixin’ to”.  My new friends were two very attractive and sophisticated  young women from Broadway Baptist Church in the Dallas area, one of whom was performing an impromptu skit with some other friends on our weekend retreat.  Her line was ” Doctor, doctor come quick, my daddy is fixin’ to die!”  That line is all I remember from the skit except that the whole thing ground to a halt while the audience and the cast broke into uncontrollable laughter.

Exodus 28 and 29 are all about preparing the sons of Aaron for the priesthood, and all of that preparation was meant to lead up to one glorious visitation of Yahweh before the tabernacle.  God did not just show up, He ordered that preparations had to be made, and not just any activity would suffice.  These were very specific instructions that had to be followed BEFORE His arrival.

Does this not make you wonder whether we are making sufficient preparations for the visitation that we seek?  Are there conditions of the soul that He requires of us in order for His presence to meet us at the place prepared for Him?  Is there not a requirement of worship that precedes entering his courtyard?

As for me, I will be giving some more thought to ‘fixin’ to meet with the Almighty.



  1. I was reading Mere Christianity again last night, and C.S. Lewis reminded me of that persistent enemy of mine PRIDE. It occurs to me that the state of my spirit and my soul are diseased by this satanic cancer and that dealing with PRIDE, is not only required before I can expect to have a consecrated life that is fit for the King, I need His healing in order to combat this deadly sin.

    • Kettle said,

      I thoroughly enjoy all of CS Lewis’ work and Mere Christianity was huge in my spiritual development. I deal with the cancer as well. The cure, for me, is worship and prayer. I also have a congregation that makes sure I stay humble too! 8>)

      The cure is Jesus. He chose the weakest things that no one should boast. How are you using your battle to encourage, inspire, and motivate others to face the cancer in their lives as well?
      Blessings — Kettle

  2. Kettle said,

    I was struck by this comment [28:3] “Tell all the skilled men to whom I have given wisdom in such matters ” God has already prepared for the service in the Kingdom by giving us resources, talents, experiences, and passions that work together to build each other up.
    How are we “fixin'” to serve the Lord with the gifts we’ve already been given. There was a band several years ago called “Six Pence none the richer.” They based the name of their band on a CS Lewis concept that all we give to God, God already owns. Although we give God six pence, or $1,000, God is really none the richer.
    If I’m fixin’ to serve the Lord, I’m doing so because God has already given to me.
    Just some Random thoughts!

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