September 21, 2010

Learner – Doer

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:41 am by Steve

The Greek word for disciple is ‘mathetes’ which means a Learner – Doer. Not just someone who acquires lot of knowledge! Disciple actually comes from the word discipline. One definition is this:

“A disciple is one who undertakes the discipline of his/her teacher.”

Discipleship is about learning through discipline learning how to follow a teacher or mentor. It’s part education, part mentoring, part apprenticeship, but it goes way beyond tasks or skills. Disciples not only take in what they are taught and what they learn from being with the teacher, they take it into their core identity, so that it defines who they are.

By definition anyone who calls themselves a Christian is a disciple of Jesus, a Jesus wanna-be. We are being changed by intentional habits and by the Holy Spirit to more and more reflect the character of Jesus, by learning, sharing, and doing. But we can’t do this in isolation. “The Bible knows nothing of solitary religion.” J. Wesley

One really good way to ensure we continue to grow is to partner with other disciples who are on the same journey for encouragement, inspiration and support in faith and life. Just as an athlete chooses a coach to instruct, challenge, encourage and discipline them into becoming a better athlete a mentor will help us grow, stretch and believe.

But we need to ensure we have the attitude of a disciple. That is being honest about your struggles, mistakes and weaknesses, being open to receive advice and challenge and being willing to do the hard work necessary to become fully fit.

We STRONGLY encourage everyone at First Church to be part of a discipleship team in training. To meet with them regularly, to commit to being honest about our struggles and open with them.



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