October 18, 2010

Life-Giving Water

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“Jesus stood up and shouted, “If you are thirsty, come to me and drink! Have faith in me, and you will have life-giving water flowing from deep inside you!” John 7:37


We are told to do two things:

(1) Let him come to Me and (2) drink. They are connected.

  1. Jesus tells us to come to Him.

The biggest problem of Christianity is not that there are people fed up with Christianity but that many so-called people that supposedly come to Jesus are dead dry. They might sit in churches on Sunday morning but are dry as dead bones. They might hold a pew Bible. They might even carry one back and forth to church, but there is not one drop of living water in them.

We must not equate ‘coming to Jesus’ with attending a church service or going through a ceremony of baptism.  Of course there are people who have met Jesus there. But many find a church just because they want a religion that tells them that they are good people. A little pampering, and they are able to forget the thirsts of the soul. Jesus has countered every religion by showing us that we have absolutely nothing to bring before God but our sins and despair. If you can notice your heart needs, your sins will be nearby. If you can acknowledge your heartaches, you probably are very aware of your own sins. Our heart sufferings stem from our sins.

Let us return to what Jesus meant by ‘coming to Him.’ If you feel the Lord prodding your heart, then you should also be aware of Jesus’ presence. Jesus is here at this moment. You have heard correctly that He has died, but He has also risen. He is alive and as King of Kings presides over all through the Holy Spirit. He is seeking out His people. When He calls, you should listen and go to Him.

  1. And Drink

When we come to Jesus we are to drink from Christ. This might sound rather mystical. You really need to meet Jesus to know what He means. The point is that when you are so broken before Him, you have all these inner dry caverns deep in your soul that open up. The pains and superficiality of life has haunted you through the years but figured this was what life was supposed to be like.

How about your own soul? Can you sense someone prodding your heart? Don’t harden your heart. You might even hear words like, “You are no good” or “If people really knew what you were like, then they ….” This is the evil one trying to keep you dry. The truth is that we are desperate people and when you acknowledge that, then He comes to help. If you sense this prodding, just tell Jesus to speak and fill your soul’s thirst.


October 1, 2010

A Laughing Matter

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The church as an institution is all about management. How do we manage the future? As a consequence we get an elevated opinion of what we do verse who we are. I think Jesus wanted us to see ourselves from God’s perspective and perhaps have a good belly laugh at all we do and how important, prim and proper we think we are. I believe that if we could laugh at ourselves a bit more, we would have healthier relationship, better emotional, mental and physical health. ‘

But like our Pharisee ancestors we cling to social class structure and look down on people who think, look and act differently. Little do we realize the laugh is on us. God, on His throne, is getting a good belly laugh at our religiosity and the silly things we do.


Are you willing to laugh at yourself and help others laugh too?