November 23, 2010

Bible Trivia

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:44 am by Steve

  1. How old was Moses when he died? A: He was 120 years old, according to the Bible (Deuteronomy 34:7).
  2. How tall was Goliath, the Philistine giant slain by David with a stone hurled from a sling? A: “Six cubits and a span,”
  3. What biblical Babylonian king cast Daniel into the lion’s den for praying to God in defiance of a royal decree? A: Darius the Mede (Book of Daniel, Chapter6).
  4. What is the longest name in the Bible? A: Mahershalalbashbaz, which is also written Maher-shalal-hash-baz. (Isaiah 8:1).
  5. In the Bible, which of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse rides a red horse? A: War (Book of Revelation).
  6. How many books of the Bible are named for women? A: Two – Ruth and Esther.
  7. What language is Jesus believed to have spoken? A: Aramaic — an ancient language in use on the north Arabian Peninsula at the time of Christ. A modern version of the language is spoken today in Syria and among Assyrians in Azerbaijan.
  8. In the Bible, for what “price” did Esau sell his birthright to his younger twin brother, Jacob? A: Pottage of lentils (Genesis 25:29-34).
  9. What did the lords of the philistines offer Delilah for revealing the secret of Samson’s strength? A: They promised the sum of 1,100 pieces of silver each, according to the Bible (Judges 16:5).
  10. In the Old Testament, who was Jezebel’s husband? A: Ahab, King of Israel (I Kings 16:28-31).

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