December 9, 2010

Facts or Myths

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:43 am by Steve

When people cannot get facts, they will settle for myths. When people are faced with facts, they will often prefer the myths they are being asked to reject in favor of facts.” — James Hudnut-Beumler


Today more than ever before the church is changing. It is also changing so fast that no one is able to predict where it will be in five years. When people don’t know where the church will be they assume the worst, they believe the lie that says “evil forces are at work in the church and that “good old time religion” is being stripped away.

That is a myth. There really are good well intentioned praying, faithful, Jesus loving disciples working tirelessly for the flock of Jesus simply because Jesus asked them to. Most are burned out, frustrated, exhausted and confused about what happened, but most do have a heart of grace and love of God. If you disagree with the changes that are happening in the church ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do I disagree with the theology that is being expressed?
  2. Does it inconvenience me and force me to change?
  3. Can I explain this program or change to God?
  4. Have I prayed for my church leaders?

What you choose to believe about the good folks in your church will for the most part be your witness about Jesus Christ.

Are you distrustful, critical, angry and bitter at God for changing things or

Are you encouraging, prayerful, thoughtful, and grateful to God that nothing is ever stagnant but the Gospel remains relevant and in the hands of serious disciples of Jesus Christ.


Will you believe the trust or the myth that may sound better?


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